Telepresence video conference popularization show enterprises facing new possibilities

Speaking of video conferencing applications, individuals 1st thought is that face to face communication across geographies, and also the introduction of telepresence technologies, precisely so that you can strengthen this "face to face" characteristics - combined with life-size images, ultra-high definition video ( 1080P), audio, as well as a specially made atmosphere with a three-dimensional, creating a "room inside the room" variety of meeting atmosphere.

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Compared with regular video conferencing, telepresence specific is that a "real" character, so that you can build each of the participants are inside the exact same area practical experience, practice, each telepresence rooms all interior style elements or multi-point telepresence mode, all around the "true representation." For the purposes of show single level, in order to meet the effects of life-size image show, significant screen naturally turn into vital elements. This implies that, based on the recognition of telepresence, the large-screen display goods will get new space for improvement inside the field of video conferencing.


For company users, applications of telepresence video conference despite the fact that it can bring more realistic exchange encounter, nonetheless, the face of high costs, most customers can only opt for a distance, considering that it really is precisely simply because of this, for a extended time, Telepresence videoconferencing develop only within a low profile, has been unable to form a clear trend on the epidemic. On the other hand, as an increasing number of providers started to acquire involved in video conferencing telepresence industry, with special emphasis around the financial fees of domestic enterprises, which include Huawei, ZTE along with other enterprises to join in largely minimizing the use telepresence video conferencing cost, it has a preliminary universal criteria. For now, the promotion of telepresence video conferencing is still at an early stage of promotion, one around the major screen display for the enterprise market place development, it could be described as each possibilities and challenges.


The so-called opportunities, large-screen display items in applications of telepresence video conferencing continues to be in its infancy, industrial users haven't yet formed a clear awareness of its existing large-screen show technology, regardless of whether LCD, DLP splicing or rapid rise small pitch LED, have equal chance, which can be the brightest big screen providers involved, in theory, as long as the operating properly, expanding telepresence video conferencing applications marketplace are going to be the brightest massive screen display firms to share significant cake.


The so-called challenge, with opening the era of video conferencing application refinement, much more diverse applications, in an effort to maximize the meet the requirements of market users, the enterprise have to give customized options specific to telepresence video conference promotion(EN12966), This circumstance is going to be additional prominent. Telepresence video conference method charges many income, mainly for the high-end industry, customization needs will probably be much more intense, which signifies that, if you'd like a big screen show organizations achieve a foothold within this region, there need to be a greater ability to provide integrated options - based on the display, if not level, but also to completely integrate the market application background at the same time as video conferencing program user's specific requires. Naturally, that is not each enterprise can be handy.