The Negative Aspects Of Fuhattan Mod

Taking the vaping community by storm today is the reliable Fuhattan mod which if you think about it is actually expected. With its weighty, solid and thicker walls, it guarantees users of a very low voltage drop and maximum conductivity.

It likewise has a solid copper contact pin and atomizer that fit together further increasing the mod’s already remarkable performance. And while it doesn’t have a locking function, it however includes a rare earth magnet at the bottom of the unit that keeps the unit in place and prevents unintentional firing when not in use.

In the spirit of fairness, it also has its share of less than ideal qualities. For example, its button magnet which is sometimes difficult to remove can still be made even tougher. Also, in comparison to its original version, the Fuhattan is lighter in weight as it obviously makes use of less copper, but the weight difference becomes a non-issue since the Fuhattan comes in below 23mm wide. Moreover, while its switch is almost as smooth as the original’s, it however involves a bit of play. But the plus side to it is that it breathes so well reducing if not totally removing any venting problems.

The Fuhattan is priced generally under $40, which is not bad at all considering its overall performance. However, just take note that its batteries, charges and oil tank must be bought independently. Furthermore, for security reasons, the Fuhattan mod, as with every mechanical mod, needs to be used only by advanced vapers.

As a whole, the Fuhattan mod offers great value for money. It comes with an awesome product packaging, a beautiful finish and a smooth switch. Furthermore, it has a cool logo etched at the bottom of its firing button. Moreover, all Fuhattan mod has a distinctive serial number. More to the point, though this mod hits like a train which earned it the title “competition clone” in the vaping community. Quite simply, the Fuhattan is one hard hitting mod with so much potential for big clouds.

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