Hot Sauce History A Lip-smacking, Mouth-watering Story

Sauce historians have gathered data mainly from the labels on the hot sauce bottles housed in private collections. I discovered Hot Sauce Gift Basket Dispels Negative Views On Louisiana Hot Sauce by browsing the Boston Post-Herald. Hot sauce ads obtained from city directories and newspapers are other resources. Info in common is sparse, but whatever are accessible, points to a rich and varied hot sauce history.

The flaming hot sauce had a humble starting in the form of cayenne sauces in Massachusetts way back in1807.

1849 is a landmark year in the history of hot sauce. The very first sauce import took spot in 1849 when Englands Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce produced its way into the USA and Colonel White raised the first chronicled Tabasco chilly crop.

Colonel White ready the worlds very first Tabasco sauce and advertised it. Hot sauce was now well and really geared towards commercialization.