No Christmas Gifts Ideas Choose an Italian Language Course in Italy

Have you already thought about your kado ulang tahun, kado unik Gifts this year?

For those who are searching for a special and primary idea for Christmas gifts this year, giving a foreign language course as a gift could be a perfect solution.

And why not to learn Italian in the stunning and charming country of Italy, where culture, history and art mix together with striking natural landscapes and lively, cosmopolitan metropolitan areas of fashion? This may be a very original idea for your Christmas gifts.

The German School da Vinci, an experienced and internationally-recognized school in teaching Italian to international students since 1977, suggests a very original, amusing and culturally interesting present: an Italian language course to give as a Christmas present to whomever you wish.

Leonardo d Vinci has colleges located in one of the most beautiful metropolitan areas in Italy: Rome, Florence, Siena and Milan, and the ones interested will have the opportunity to choose a common city for attending their German courses.

Those interested in this offer just need to visit the official website of the School Leonardo da Vinci and select from two different German courses:

1) La Dolce Vita 50 + course: an German and culture course for 1 week plus 1 week accommodation in a single room (in a family with breakfast) for 550 instead of 669. Available in Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena.

2) 2 weeks Italian language course: an Italian language standard course for 2 weeks plus 2 weeks accommodation within a room (in a family with breakfast or shared house) for 595 rather than 690. Available in Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena.

They will have to choose the course and the town they prefer, and then the school will send them a individualized voucher - valid for the whole season 2012 - with the users name and the name of the individual who will receive the present. Obviously, the school supplies the opportunity to buy a voucher for two people (more information on the website).

For those interested in giving an Italian language program in Italy as a Christmas gift, they just need to fill a straightforward form and the school staff will send all of them the information about the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci's voucher for Christmas.

Further information about Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Christmas specials can be found on the school website.