Personalized Harry Potter Homemade Gift Ideas

Personalized And Homemade Gift Ideas
by Kurt Cobbler

Before Harry Potter series ends, now is the time to start giving Harry Potter fans some very nice gifts. Make a kado unik, kado ulang tahun present for your love who loves Harry Potter, it is now time that you can give them a personalized gift. Harry Potter memorabilia's are very costly, so why not create your personal? Here's a few of my personalized gifts that are easy to generate.

Harry Potter Personalized Wand

When you state magic, we generally associate it with wands, so this year, why nor give friends and family or love ones a wand that would remind them of Harry Potter? This present is easy, convenient and inexpensive gift. All you need is a stick, decide on a stick that has curves and perfectly straight. After that the stick with a varnish. Once dried, you can paint it or simply wrap the deal with with tape or clothe. In case you have a small bulb, you might insert that on the tip and connect small wires directly into it to a little battery. Add a switch so if it is clicked the bulb lights. I am definite that the individual who'll receive this will love it to the fullest.

Homemade Harry Potter Howler Letter from Mrs. Weasley

A lot of people were really astonished with the howler in the Harry Potter film. A howler is a letter, once opened it'll say the sender's message. So, why not your personal howler and send it to friends and family or love one's who loves Harry Potter. Ron Weasley's mom sent this type of howler to harry and Ron when they used the flying car to go to school. This gift maybe hard depending on the outcome you want. You must have a crimson envelope, a parchment paper or a papyrus is normally you can, seal, ribbon and if you prefer a playback recorder or chime. Therefore produce a letter in the parchment, for those who have a playback recorder of chime, place that in the envelop, be sure that it plays when the letter is opened. Seal the envelop and tie with a ribbon.

Homemade Glass Coaster Personalized with Harry Potter Photos

This gift idea can be easy to create. All you have to is to printing photos of Harry Potter films or even the logo's of each school of Hogwarts. Searching the internet for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hupplepuff and Ravenclaw. You can also printing Hermoine, Ron, Harry, etc. Before printing, you can modify the photos to fit a circle. After that cut out the photos into circle and also have it laminated. Presto! You now have a glass coaster. You can include additional design using your creativity and artistry. I am definite that children will always use a coaster everyday.

So, before we say goodbye to the world's famous film and book, give a great gift for them to enjoy and forever cherish the life span of Harry Potter.