CM150DY-24H Mitsubishi Electric IGBT Module

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CM150DY-24H is the key to unleash the full potential of your welding power supplies! It is manufactured by Mitsubishi, a well-known company across the globe. CM150DY-24H has a super light weight of 0.60 lbs., with the ability to generate 1200 collector emitter voltage and 150 Amperes of collector current! Truly, this Mitsubishi Electric IGBT is the kind of power that welding supplies need.


CM150DY-24H is the perfect Mitsubishi IGBT module for high frequency operations. It guarantees noise free operations not only on welding power supplies but even on other applications!


CM150DY-24H is designed to endure extreme temperatures. Even at 150 oC, this transistor module can still provide more than enough power to boost welding power supplies! Indeed, Mitsubishi CM150DY-24H is highly efficient and reliable not to mention an affordable price!