How to choose the right toys for our kids?

Newborns can see toy color, shape, listening to the sound emitted by toys, hard and soft touch toys and other various stimuli to the brain conveying signals; toys manufacturer in China says toys would promote the development of brain function. For newborn toys, how to choose the right toys?


Parents should angle infant brain development and the development of brain functions needs to consider, recognizing the need to buy toys for the newborn. Choosing toys should note the following. First, choose can see and hear the hanging toys. The color should be bright, preferably in red, yellow and blue colors as the basic color, and can issue a pleasant voice, but also exquisite shape. Actually, we can buy a toy car from remote control toys supplier for the sound training. This simultaneous visual and auditory stimulation baby toys for baby's development is very useful. Colorful balloons, inflatable plastic toys are more suitable for newborns. Second, ragdoll is also a good toy. Studies have shown that most like to see the pattern of newborns is the human face. In view of this, parents may wish to prepare one or two dolls around the baby in the crib for the baby to see the place.


I believe when you read this article, you will know which kind of toys to choose next time when you go to the China novelty toys wholesale online for the toys purchase.