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The flat complete to the components is awesome to the contact.I appreciate that the 626 isn't over-designed; it’s easy and elegant.This mid-range device from HTC gets from the company's high-end styles and repackages them in a more cost-effective part of components.
With Android operating system and Feeling onboard, entrepreneurs have a lot of choices to make the Wish 626 their own.Here is Phone Scoop's full review.The HTC Wish 626 is for those who elegant HTC's software and components styles, but don't actually want or need a flagship-class smart phone.

The Wish 626 gets its design intensely from two mature mobile phones, the Wish Eye and the Wish 610, both of which are still marketed by AT&T.The 626 is a thermoplastic device that has strong meizu front side and rear shades divided by a vibrant, wrap-around group.I like the juxtaposition of shades, but each service provider gets its own mixture and AT&T selected the tedious white-colored with red version.

The 626 is an HTC device through and through; it contains all the significant HTC features.It has related presenter grilles above and below the display, easy collections, and good construction.It's about the same size as the HTC One M9.The curved side sides are attractive and do a lot for convenience.