Wildstar Combat Fundamentals: Turning out to be a MoO Master - Applying interrupts for bonus harm

What the heck can be a "MoO" master? It truly is a player that has mastered the art of building a "MoO" or "Moment

of Opportunity" throughout combat. Puzzled? You will not be for lengthy - and you'll start killing enemies a great deal

a lot quicker too so preserve studying!

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Now that WildStar has officially been released, I considered it would be a very good time function this guide

as soon as once again. Starting at very early ranges, gamers find out their initial interrupt skill. Gamers will want

to master the usage of this talent to maximize their combat effectiveness.


The visual below will display you considered one of WildStar's best stored tricks. I have witnessed players in their mid 20's

have no clue what I'm about to show you was even a thing.


The third talent each and every class will find out is surely an interrupt potential of some sort. Knowing how to

effectively use your interrupt helps make a big influence on how prolonged fights will last for you personally.


When in combat, after you interrupt an enemy talent, they turn into vulnerable to bonus injury (indicated

by their wellness bar turning purple, as well as the harm they consider.) This is certainly called a "Moment of

Opportunity" or MoO for brief.


Take into account some of the more tricky enemies (including bosses) can have layers of "Interrupt

Armor" that could call for two or additional gamers applying their CC skill in order to produce the MoO.

Interrupt Armor is explained in far more detail within the video below.