Have Fun With Zombie Paintball At StranglingBros Haunted Circus

Have Fun With Zombie Paintball At StranglingBros Haunted Circus

Every year Texas manages to fright up new Halloween haunted houses. Some Zombie  dwellings can cause heart-pounding terror, claustrophobic. Other attractions create less sensory excess and are better suited for young children.


At StranglingBros our Texas Haunted House have circus players like stilt walkers and jugglers and freak show acts performing outside the haunt to entertain visitors waiting in line. This year though we are not carrying the entire StrangingBros 3D Haunt. We have included a bug room, complete with strange creepy critters to make your skin crawl, a dark maze with a spark hurdle and more claustrophobic interactive experiences for each customer.


It includes a haunted forest, a 3D clown maze, Zombie Painball and a temple of terror. The attraction is converted every year from the benign Bayville Adventure Park into a complex of terrors, including a manor built by Hollywood production designers at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Bubbles the monkey joyfully makes his way through the shadows of the circus freight and enters the dark, silent field, unnoticed by anyone. And no one is there to hear his crys of fear and pain turn to yowls of hunger and rage.


Come to StranglingBros Haunted Circus -  just walking around frightened out of your wits, in this Zombie Paintball attraction, you get to take charge of those fears and shoot them right in the forehead.