Homemade bag pouch

What would you do when your wardrobe, cupboard filled, but the bag was not much places to put? In fact, wholesale supplier of bag in China tells us that we can try to make own DIY with a simple bag pouch, you can easily solve this problem friends. Now we can see the process of homemade bag pouch.


We need to be prepared in advance enough cloth bags according to twice the size of the crop, cutting finished, the cloth from the middle of the pack, both ends of the suture interface, such a simple pouch on the well. After the course, this is just to make a pouch bag of steps you can create multiple MM pouch bags according to their number, for example, China high-grade canvas printing bag. Of course, making a good number of pouches is another way. These pouch secured to a rope, hanging behind the door or wall can be. Usually when you do, just hang on the back wall or door, it will not take up too much space, if you do, just from the side of the package can be withdrawn.


You can try this way if you have interest in it. Of course, supplier of China traditional embroidery bags wholesale can tell you this method if you buy traditional embroidery bags from them.