Residential Villas in Bangalore – What You Need to Know

Villa projects are becoming rapidly popular. You can get to see a lot of such projects coming up. It is quite evident that affordability among the Bangalore citizens is increasing which is surely good news for the Indian economy. But what are these projects and who are buying it? Surely there is quite a huge customer base, else why so many people would invest so much in these luxury houses.

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The residential villas in Bangalore are mainly catering the new breed of high officials of different IT companies, hotels, banks, retail chains and even doctors and other professionals. They draw enough salary to pass the eligibility set by banks for high loan amounts. These villas are most commonly used for personal purposes. However, in certain cases they serve as guest houses or transit quarters for several companies. With certain legal papers, these residential properties work as commercial ones. These villas are of all ranges- both in terms of price and size. There are villas that are of 1800 square feet only while some others can go up to 3800 square feet and above. An apartment becomes luxury one with its rural amenities and fine quality of products used. So, even the most nominal villa will cost above 78 lakhs in Bangalore.

Due to this custom made facilities, these houses are gaining popularity. And every day new villa projects in Bangalore is seen. None of the buildings remain vacant. They are booked as soon as the project is launched. Occupancy becomes just a matter of time. Even if the owners do not stay, the villas are rented for a very handsome rent. With influx of population coming from all over the country and mostly well off young people getting respectable job in leading MNCs, the demand for houses, both for ownership and rent, is always high in Bangalore.

You will find all national and international brands of retail, food chain, hotels, banks, hospitals etc and hoard of jobs are created accommodating thousands and lakhs of youth. As soon as this breed is independent enough to borrow a relatively hefty amount from the bank, they book residential villas in Bangalore. Places like Sharjapur, Hosur Road, Whitefield, Kothanur etc are the places where upcoming villa projects can be seen. If you are interested in any, talk to a booking agent or go directly to the developer’s office. Owning a villa in Bangalore can be matter of pride and you obviously deserve it.