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Renegade Legion is a series of science fiction games that were created by Sam Lewis, made by FASA, and published from 1989 to 1993. The line was licensed to Nightshift games, a spin-off of the garage company Crunchy Frog Enterprises by Paul Arden Lidberg, which released one scenario reserve, a gaming help, and three issues of a fanzine-quality periodical before reverting the permit.

Set in the 69th Century, the series allowed gamers to play out the battles between your "Terran Overlord Government (TOG)", a corrupt galactic empire, and the "Commonwealth", an alliance of aliens and individuals. The concentrate of the plot, like with many strategy video games, is to present a long-term conflict to allow as many individual environments and situations as possible. Most of Renegade Legion deals with huge, military battles to be performed on hexagonal grid mapsheets in a turn-centered rules system.

The setting can best match the area opera category. The designs involve huge scale military functions as the Terran Overlord Government (TOG for brief) attempts to completely conquer the Milky Way Galaxy. There are plenty of alien races involved, and storys use components such royal bloodlines often, betrayal, and normally leave little room for a relaxing solution.

The back story to the setting has the human race discovering and colonizing many worlds in the galaxy, and coming into connection with a number of important alien races. After the Snow Plague that eliminates the majority of the human race, Earth is definitely conquered and invaded by the Kess Rith, a reptilian alien race that can best be physically referred to as half iguana and fifty percent centaur.

Later the humans on Earth renegade legion interceptor pdf successfully rebel and drive off the Kess Rith by emulating the ancient Roman civilization. More than the period of centuries of time this new human movement, which started out as only a noble liberation of Earth and human colony worlds turns into a military dictatorship after a terrorist bomb kills the majority of the senate. The brand new government is then lead by a Ceaser (dictator for life), and appoints a true number of personal representatives called Overlords who wield nearly unlimited legal power. It is as of this right time that a significant disaffected part of the TOG military defects to the Commonwealth, another individual space faring nation smaller sized than the TOG. TOG becomes increasingly militant, engages in bloodsports, legalizes slavery, and reduces women to house of their dad or husband to be able to remove their to vote as females often ruled against additional military growth and conquests. After defeating the Kess Rith, the new Terran Overlord Government proceeds their military conquest and episodes other nations who were neutral throughout their period spent under Kess Rith guideline.

The single most significant enemy of the TOG may be the Commonwealth. It is based on old Earth culture of Britain primarily. While maintaining its royal family still, it is far more democratic than the TOG, accepts women and aliens as equals, and even contains refugees from both former Kess Rith empire, disgusted or exiled TOG military legions, and large numbers of TOG females who defect to the Commonwealth. Those women often join all feminine Commonwealth devices called Minerva legions. It is from these several rogue TOG models the setting derives the name of Renegade Legion because they form half of the professional army of the Commonwealth. Their symbol proceeds to include the initial TOG symbol of the earth Earth on an inverted pyramid background, nevertheless a hastily painted letter "R" made of four straight brush strokes in reddish paint is utilized to deface that initial TOG symbol.

During a panel at RedCon95, FASA President Sam Lewis stated that the Renegade Legion series of games had been originally designed for use with the Star Wars permit. Since the permit was awarded to West End Video games, FASA chose to utilize the systems with their very own setting.

The Renegade Legion series was made up of five board games, a role-playing game, a war game, two video games, with another two games, one board game and one video game, announced but hardly ever published.[citation needed] With the exception of among the board games and the two computer games, the Renegade Legion series was compatible on all amounts.