Powerex KD324515 Dual Darlington Power Transistor Module

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KD324515 is the high power transistor module you need to boost the power of your inverters! This Powerex-made device guarantees high efficiency and superior reliability. Weighing less than a pound, KD324515 generates 600 voltage of collector emitter and 150 amperes of collector current.


KD324515 has an excellent power dissipation of 690 watts and isolation voltage of 2500V, hence, improving further its efficiency rate. It has the unique dual Darlington transistor module that makes it a perfect device not only to inverters but even to other high power switching applications. With a sturdy module construction, you are assured of its high durability. Set it to full power the entire day and its system is still perfect!


Reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness – these are three main benefits you can get with Powerex KD324515.