Problems with Airtel by Francis Regan

I am a housewife from Delhi, currently living in Chennai. My husband is a businessman and I usually use skype so I can constantly keep in touch with my husband. But due to frequent robberies in my area, we decided to shift our house to a much secure location in Chennai. I was using Airtel Internet connection for several years. So I wrote a letter to them stating that I am shifting my residence in two months and so I do not need the internet connection.

An Airtel staff came to my house to collect the modem and collect the outstanding bill for the particular month. I told him that I would need the internet connection at my new place which Id be shifting in two months. I also gave him my new house address. He gave me a receipt for the money I paid him and told me that there were no more outstanding dues to be paid. I was really very happy with their service.

The next month, when I was getting ready to shift the place, I received a bill from Airtel asking me to pay it for that the particular month. It also mentioned that I have an outstanding bill to be paid. I ignored the bill and continues with my work. After 2 days another staff from Airtel came to my place and demanded me to pay the bill.

I clearly explained him in English that I had already cleared the bill and I have even given back the modem. When I asked the person about this he started shouting at me in Tamil and told me sternly to understand him. I asked him to talk back in English or Hindi, for which he sternly replied back stating that I have to learn Tamil so that I can understand him. I walked back into the house, completely ignoring him.

I called up the Airtel customer support people and explained them my situation. But they kept on insisting me that I have to pay the bill. They wanted me to pay the bill for using the internet connection; I repeatedly told them that I do not even have a modem because I had already given it a month back. They did not have a proper answer for that but they wanted me to pay the bill.

Keeping my packing work aside, I went directly to their branch.