Gitex 2015 - See the Future Now

GITEX is back and with a higher bang than ever before. Following previous year's record attendance, this year is expected to be even greater. With a number of new conferences currently being scheduled, new sectors being explored, new technologies being displayed, certainly this will be a excellent platform to get to know other people who might share your vision and show interest in sponsoring the next greatest thing. This year's location will be the Dubai World Trade Centre, and will occur from 18-22 October.

GITEX, being the 3rd largest technology function on the earth, will present a marvellous opportunity to witness the designs of the future. With a distinct emphasis on the Internet of Things, this event is going to feature companies from around the globe exhibiting their technologies in various sectors like Consumer Technology, Digital Marketing, Enterprise Hardware and Software, 3D Printing and UAVs.

Quite a few exhibits will feature stands consisting of businesses from nations around the planet, and this will present a space for exchanging ideas from various areas of the world, and therefore guide to a more international connectedness. Such an occasion takes place very rarely in this part of the world, and this will cement Dubai as a new IT Hub. This is just the beginning, and far more are going to happen.

A set of events are taking place, where you will witness the direction of the foreseeable future: Hackathon will provide an atmosphere for disruption and imaginative ideas Google CSI Lab, where you can interact with Google Employees from all over the entire world learn about drones in the biggest regional drone exhibition GITEX Intelligent sessions that includes panel debates and discussions and interactive shows. And oh yeah, there's the robotics show, everybody's going to be over there.

GITEX organizes a number of conferences, categorized under the different visions and concepts smart city and the internet of things- and on the basis of business retail, oil and gas, banking, education and health. The conference further envisages a number of classes on pertinent themes such as Big Data, Mobility, Cloud and Safety. There will also be a number of papers and content articles to be presented by eminent speakers.

gitex 2015 dubai