Brief Summary of Jump Flags

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Leap flags which are frequently plastic, are secured in many different techniques, whether it be on the ship your diving from or the common fiberglass staff where the hole is stiffened with a cable so that it sticks out from the staff constantly. When going without a boat the flag is usually kept afloat by firmly attached flow. There are certainly a number of other parts that secure a dive flag to an internal tube and other buoyant products.

Whatever way you decide to install your leap flag, you must be sure it plainly visible to other boaters. Laws needing how far ships should keep from leap banners vary from state to state and internationally but distances often range from 5-0 to 15-0 feet. Divers are often needed to floor within 25 feet of the hole, and not this could be fatal to the diver. If your diving area is larger then the range allowed legally, multiple plunge flags ought to be used which are divided then no longer then 100 feet apart to make sure boaters is able to see and obey the laws. Globally, the leader flag, a swallow-tailed white and blue flag, is employed when going from the boat. The leap hole is not only one of your cheapest purchases in diving but in addition one of the most critical..