Khon Kaen-the Gate way to Isaan

Many Thailand travelers have heard of Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, but few venture towards the northeast and head for the area know as Isaan. To get extra information, please consider checking out: Yes, Kids Should Get A Trophy For Participating. That is in the north-east and made up of Khon Kaen, Korat, Udorn Thani and the others.

That is mainly a rural area with several grain plants. It is also the home of many expatriates who've settled down with their Thai woman and have made this their new home.

I was in Korat twice all through exercise Cobra Gold and only got to see this area quickly. Working 12 16 hour day didnt allow enough time for sightseeing. But, I did realize that the cost of living was a lot less than the people and greater tourist cities were a heck of a lot friendlier.

I visited Khon Kaen for your very first time in 2007 to go to a lady that I met online. I immediately fell in love with the lady and also with the town of Khon Kaen.

Khon Kaen is barely a 5-5 minute trip from Bangkok departing from the old airport terminal Don Muang. The airport in Khon Kaen only has two departure gates and is quite small.

The town is really a nice mix of old and new. We'd venture out for lunch or dinner and sit-in small bungalows over the river or one of the waters and eat in pure satisfaction. Three to four plates of several beers, exceptional food and some water and the statement will be about $10 - $15.

On the flip-side, there is also KFC, Pizza Company and other fast-food places. American influence at its worst.