As Christians, we are meant to love one another and lead our friends to Christ. Certainly, it is not about competition or trying to prove to others that you are more spiritual than everyone else. This is the syndrome that’s killing those who are weak in faith and barrier to one’s growth. Do not rejoice when your brother falls. Take it as an opportunity to serve God when you take time to pray for them. It’s difficult to claim that you love God, when all you do is talk bad about your fellow Christians behind their backs. We sin through different ways. Mostly we sin through actions, words and thoughts. The most visible way is through action. When we see sinful actions of our friends, what are the words that come out of us, and what thoughts do we possess about them? Do we also not sin through such? Therefore, what difference does it make between them and us? We are one big family. We uplift and not down grade. We build and not destroy. We bring happiness and not sorrow. We are people of the gospel which according to Christ is the good news. We are people who carry the good news and not hate. I pray that the Lord will make us love one another. I pray that the love among Christians should continue to grow and flow to non-believers. We ought to set an example for non-believers and not the other way round! Love your friends today in Jesus’ name.