Wonder About Soccer, How to Play?

A regulation soccer game is always played with two teams. It is played in ninety minutes which are divided into two forty-five minute halves. The goal of soccer is to propel the soccer ball forward and into the opponent's goal without using the hands. In a regulated game of FIFA (federation international football association) soccer there are eleven players from each team on the playing field at once.

There is a goal keeper who plays in the goal and is able to use their hands to defend the goal. Fullbacks who play on the field cannot use their hands to defend the goal. Halfbacks who play both defense and offence and strikers who attack the opponent's goal. Just as in any other sport there are rules you need to follow.

If a player is fouled inside of the opponent's eighteen, or better known as the bigger box surrounding the goal they receive a penalty kick. A penalty kick is where a player shoots against the goalie from a short distance away and tries to score without the goalie blocking the shot. If a player is fouled outside of the opponent's eighteen they are just awarded a free kick.

A free kick can either be direct, meaning they can shoot, or indirect, meaning another teammate has to touch the ball before a shot is taken. If a player has committed a foul they can receive one of three things: nothing, yellow card, and a red card. If nothing happens a player may not be in trouble.

When a player is given a yellow card that means they have been warned, and next time they will be thrown out of the game. A red card means that a player must leave the game, and may by certain league rules not play for the next couple of games.

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