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Kristine Pierce (CEO,

“As a published author and a graphic designer myself, I am very meticulous when it comes to my book covers.

Thank God for Nathan and his gift of creating stunning designs! Blessed to have found someone who is not only gifted and professional, but a good person inside and outJ. Aloha!”


Ricky Mataka (CEO,

“Nathan is extremely talented in both Graphic Design and Funnel Creation.

…He know how to make eye popping graphics that not only impress people but convert on sales pages. When he releases a graphic package, I’m the first one to jump on board cause it provides my customers extreme quality and result.”


Paul Barrs (

“…I asked for fast and efficient, easy and effortless, and that’s what you gave me.

I’ll certainly be back for more. Thank you very much.”


Valerie Duvall

“I don’t even want to give this testimonial because I want Nathan all myself! ;)…

Nathan is my guy go to guy for graphics-stunning designs every time! If you are into kindle you will not find a better resource than this.”