eight decades ago in comparison to modern iPhone 6 of the first creation iPhone,

   Primary option, on the other hand, this seasons leading stage of SoC is also from past A7, A15, or a mixture of both enhanced to A53, A57 and mixture of the two;meizu mx5 Architecture (A53 / A57 launched in Nov 2012, under the ARM first follow ARMv8 64 training set structure (A50 sequence.
   Positions in comparison to two decades ago, the leading of the SoC can also see the men edition A15, qualcomm independent small structure Krait and wet behind the hearing. Also can only start four big LITTLE, 2015 decades of this area is very boring, ARM and 64 big ARMv8 training sethttp://meizusale.com/meizu-mx5. A LITTLE small structure sequence, eight atomic momentarily became the standard; What the apple company attracted 64 easily distribute to the Android operating system camping or it is the pattern of The Periods, anyway, modern era is a formality.

   Apart from top items in this seasons efficiency in comparison to a season or two ago, intelligent profession, for so many decades in the iPhone, for example, eight decades ago in comparison to modern iPhone 6 of the first creation iPhone, CPU efficiency improved 50 times, the GPU efficiency has enhanced 84 - flip. From "refuses to run a points" to "no hu run a faint", over the decades the cellular SoC (we usually processor) known as in the efficiency of the growth from the unique in order to fulfill the needs and encounter rise, meizu m2 note reviewthe more and more for marketing services; But from another perspective, it also experienced like pc system processer scenario - components upgrade is higher than the rate of the application, maybe it's a chance to say farewell to those amazing run factors the pop. But before that, let's take a look at the stage of cellular phones during the first 50 percent of this seasons leading SoC system efficiency in contrast to a season ago, two decades ago, he achieved the size of the how.