Conclusions, Decisions: The way to choose a category in POE (two)

If you are one of many countless thousands which have been enticed to try the free-to-play hack ‘n’ slash POE for the duration of its open beta, you would possibly end up stumped ahead of the recreation even begins… within the character class find monitor!

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Marauder: Strength aligned

Initial characteristics

The Marauder spawns with 30 strength, 14 intelligence, and 14 dexterity in the southwest talent spot.


Organic weaponry

Channeling brute energy and powerful, wide-sweeping blows, the Marauder prefers heavy-hitting melee weapons like swords, maces, axes, and staves. He’s effective at working out death with other simple-to-use weapons, but not notably adept at utilizing bows, claws, or wands.


Purely natural strengths

Damage: Due to the fact toughness inherently boosts melee injury, Marauders can dish out big amounts of pain with each individual swing of their clubs… assuming they hit.

Tanking: With tons of nearby life-boosting passives, in addition to the all-natural HP granted from power, the Marauder can endure even the toughest punishment conveniently.

Spectacular: Marauders have early obtain to passive capabilities that make it much easier to stun enemies and preserve them dazed and disoriented for extended periods of time.

Purely natural weaknesses

Dodging: With no evasion or maybe a ton of electrical power shield, the Marauder is going to be getting each and every blow targeted at him. He’s got a hefty HP pool, and he’ll require every level of it.

Ranged beat: Musclebound fellas are excellent at swinging swords, although not so expert and slinging spells or arrows. Hope to obtain frustrated with hit-and-run enemy varieties.

Speed: Compounding the main two challenges, Marauders really don't in a natural way contain the movement or assault speed to handle more quickly annoyances, relying in its place on sturdiness.

Witch: Intelligence aligned

Original characteristics

The Witch spawns with thirty intelligence, 14 energy, and 14 dexterity during the north ability space.


Normal weaponry

Relying extra frequently on magic than on bodily weapons, the Witch gravitates in the direction of wands, daggers, and staves when needed. She’s able to finding up a mace or claw, sure… but really do not assume the Witch to dual wield swords or axes whenever quickly.


All-natural strengths

Spell customization: With fast accessibility to passives that raise spell vary, period, and injury, the Witch could make any invocation noticeably a lot more lethal.

Mana battery: Intelligence fuels mana pools, which means Witches won’t be running outside of steam like other lessons do. On top of that, they're able to conveniently raise mana regeneration.

Minion mastery: Wish to remake your Diablo two Necromancer in POE? The Witch can promptly increase her undead army’s sizing, toughness, and deadliness.

Organic weaknesses

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Dual wielding: Witches really don't contain the innate expertise required to hold large weaponry, as well as two weapons at the same time! Whatever you need to do, never dual-equip her.

Prolonged survivability: Vitality shields are excellent for deflecting injury in a length, but when they’ve been depleted, the Witch is defenseless for a couple seconds.

Poison and chaos: A further drawback of strength shields is usually that poison/chaos damage bypass them wholly. Versus specific acidic foes, you will reduce strike points in a short time.