6MBI20GS-060 Fuji Electric IGBT Power Module

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6MBI20GS-060 is the ultimate key to enhance the performance of AC motor controls and other high power switching applications! With its ability to provide 20A of collector current and 600V of collector emitter, this Fuji IGBT module is what your AC motors need to attain optimum performance!


6MBI20GS-060 is perfectly designed to handle high frequency operations. Compared to typical transistor modules, Fuji Electric IGBT power module 6MBI20GS-060 has lower saturated voltage and lower power drive to boost the energy it gives to the AC motor drive.


Fuji 6MBI20GS-060 is far more durable than those conventional models due to its strong module construction. This feature allows the device to last longer as well. Even if set to its maximum power for many hours, rest assured that its system will not get compromised.