Evolution of LED show sector trend: the division of labor is increasingly clear

Together with the unprecedented prosperity of LED technology, (led traffic sign)LED display products of concern, extensively applied in commercial advertising, the live broadcast, visitors guidance, the stage interpretation of other fields, the improvement so far, LED display showing several of the characteristics.


1, the general industrial improvement reached a amount of scale


China LED show industry's principal merchandise not merely within the mainland absolute market place, while inside the worldwide market place also occupy a certain share, the formation of a stable export. With solution high-quality and reliability considerably enhanced normally, mainland enterprises LED display applications outstanding efficiency in key projects and crucial projects, the capacity to compete in international markets, large-scale display systems engineering to undertake the implementation, etc. significantly increased.


2, technological innovation and improvement on the sector play a catalytic part


LED display applications industry overall technical level of the fundamental pace with international, innovative merchandise continue to come out in current years, the business Technological Innovation, solution development capabilities continue to strengthen. Technology improvement to meet precise application requirements, technical assistance and technologies to ensure empowerment, focusing on technologies and item development has been relatively mature mainstream.


3, the business was standardized, intensive Features


LED display business association has been actively advertising the merchandise and technological exchanges and carry out standardization work via technical requirements, solution testing and also other technical signifies to correctly promote the standardization and development in the business technologies merchandise. Standardization driven to enhance the level of industrialization, the accumulation impact of industrial layout reflected, such as Shenzhen concentrated much more scale enterprises.


In current years, China LED display applications in the procedure market an essential feature could be the variety of enterprise scale drastically improved the number of medium-sized enterprises has been decreasing, the number of small-scale enterprises have also elevated. Industry normally from the past "olive" to "dumbbell" modify.


four, LED considerably promoted the improvement on the upstream business


Constructive interaction involving the LED within the chain, new items, new technologies application rapidly, primarily based on LED chip material, driver IC, the development of manage technology, quite a few businesses inside the industry in integrated application LED semiconductor lighting, lighting lighting project along with other elements of a specific technological base and production engineering base. In conventional LED significant screen show technologies and goods on the base, LED display merchandise in the business market share improved year by year.


five, the adjustment of industrial structure in continuous improvement and rationalization


Specialization inside the sector has develop into additional evident, LED display applications basically formed the prototype chain for industrial escalating laid an excellent foundation.


Within this regard, on the 1 hand to possess a rational understanding, on the other hand you want to take this opportunity to conscientiously sum up experiences, actively market technological innovation, expand into new markets, to be able to retain the sustainable development with the business.


All in all, although the LED display(EN12966) industry competitors, specialized production, technologies development, engineering solutions as well as other elements on the division of labor is reflected inside the business, industry segments and highlight the core competitiveness, several providers became the new focus?