Production method of milk cucumber facial mask

How to do milk cucumber mask? Many beauties know cucumber facial mask attaining whitening, but most people, except skincare products supplier in China, only know with cucumber slices or attaining a paper mask, it soaked with cucumber juice attaining, in fact, there are many methods of attaining the effect.


First, the material we have to prepare are a cucumber, milk 250ML, a spoonful of honey. The first step is fresh cucumber juice by adding milk, honey, a few drops of essential balm and mix thoroughly attaining. Wash and cut thin slices of cucumber or directly affixed in the face with a moisturizing, whitening, wrinkle effect or wash cucumbers, cut, use a blender. These products are easy to get, said by facial masks wholesale manufacturer. The second step is to add milk, flour mix into a paste. Apply to the face before going to sleep, 20 to 30 minutes after the wash with water. This mask the effect of this mask is not only white, as well as cool, calm, anti-inflammatory efficacy in use after sun exposure can reduce sun damage and help restore skin pale, delicate.


Note that the sensitive skin, redness of the skin is best not to use, because very thin horny again, and then reduce the skin's resistance. To some extent, I think we could get some tea products from China health protection tea supplier for our beauty if you need.