Pre-mature Aging, Skin Cancer, Spf-safe Sunscreen And Treatment Of Acne

OR Deteriorate Pimples cara untuk menghilangkan jerawat di hidung secara alami and Acne Scars

Up to the early 1980's, sunscreens and were religiously thought to
be limited to beach applications. The Australians have already been the largest and most
faithful users of sunscreens and sunblocks, yet they possess the world's highest
skin cancer patients. See Skin Cancer Images

How UV-rays damage your skin
The skin, the outer-most layer of our skin, is no thicker compared to the normal
composing paper. of the skin mass is collagen - a big protein that
contributes to your skin form, function and power. Collagen is the principal
recipient of UV-induced skin surface damage. The UV-rays suppress collagen creation
by turning off the collagen-producing genes. At the same time, UV-rays activate
collagen digestion by stimulating production of the destructive enzymes. Each
occurrence will damage the skin with a micro rupture. Over the years, the micro-rupture
will become macro, leading to premature wrinkled skin and hyper-pigmentation.
For acne sufferers or those with acne scarring, Dr. Pierre's Anti-UV Day Lotions
are excellent beneficial products to include into your Acne Treatment Routine
as testified by many ex-acne sufferers.

Is walking under the shade and staying indoor safe?
In his early years, Dr. Pierre witnessed countless cases of premature-aging
(UV-induced photo-ageing) and hyper-pigmentation among his huge customer base
of helpless women and men. No Skin Care products on the market could address
the problem of your day then. Day lotions were made and then moisturize the skin.
From his years of painstaking observation, Dr. Pierre found that the cumulative
aftereffect of the daily micro skin surface damage caused by indirect exposure to UV rays
is as harmful. A few minutes walk under the color outside, or staying indoors
(with plenty of natural lighting) is still unsafe. Inside our tropical climate, the
UV-rays are intense. So long your eyes can easily see an object there are visible rays
present, in order UV-rays, since UV-rays are directly beside the visible-rays in
the light spectrum. So, there is no need to lie beneath the hot sun at the seaside
to get UV-induced skin surface damage. A small daily dose will do to do harm over
the years. For people undergoing treatment of pimples or having acne scarring, care
must be taken to avoid over-exposure to UV rays.

The Revolutionary 3-in-1 Sunscreen Day Cream
In 1983 Dr. Pierre researched and developed 4 variations of the first revolutionary
sunscreen day lotions with an SPF 8 (that's, ability to protect the skin 8 times
longer than an unprotected skin). He incorporated 3 application features in
the cream - as Sunscreen, MAKEUP and as Moisturizing Day Cream! Used
in the treatment of acne they lighten acne scarring too!

Why only SPF 8 rather than more like what competitors have?
out how higher SPF creams can cause pre-mature aging and skin malignancy HERE.
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