The first dials things back a bit and can extend battery life modestly

The first dials things back a bit and can extend battery life modestly.The second is more aggressive and can add hours to the battery as long as you don't mind limited functionality.
I tested Bluetooth via my car's hands-free system and the 626 did all right. I was able to make some calls and understand them when moving at highway speeds. Quality and volume were just good enough. I was disappointed with the 626's music playback through my favorite Bluetooth speaker. Without the aptX profile on board, the stereo Bluetooth only goes so far. The phone didn't have any trouble connected to other Bluetooth devices, such as wearables or PCs.
The GPS, NFC, and WiFi radios functioned without issue. The 626 located me accurately, but not quickly. NFC worked perfectly for easy pairing with other Bluetooth devices; and WiFi delivered a faster mobile browsing meizu experience than LTE.
HTC gave the Desire 626 a 2,000 mAh battery, which is a bit small as far as I am concerned.On the average day, the phone barely made it from breakfast to bedtime. It conked out on me around 10pm a couple of times.When used heavily, the phone was gasping by 8 or 9pm.That's not good enough in my book.