The Story Of Virtual Gifts

Old wine in a lovely new avatar:

Its a novel idea. Whatever you are kado ulang tahun untuk sahabat at is an internet connection and a credit card. A couple of clicks- and there! Your cautiously selected gift is coming to its destination. Because of twenty first century technology, now you can send birthday presents to India even if you are sitting in London. The decision available is plenty. From blooms to cakes to sweets to perfumes, online stores have it all. Virtual gifting is only a modern avatar of traditional gifting. The emotions of love and caring continues to be the same only the method of expressing it have changed. That is an innovative and easy way to ensure you are component of special day even though you might not be there physically.

What's the profile of the digital gifts customer?

To understand the concept of virtual gifts, it is first necessary to familiarize ourselves with the psychology of the digital gift givers. A very important factor becomes clear from the evaluation of statistics: The thought of virtual gifting is only an online extension of a traditional idea. The behind both mirror the same thoughts of attempting to express love and affection to a person who means too much to you. So virtual present giving is today's tool that mimics a vintage concept of gift giving. It had been unthinkable a decade back, that one could send birthday presents to India while sitting in the US but this is a virtual reality now.

Virtual gifting transaction stats according to gender:

While profiling the digital giver, other interesting specifics found light. The virtual marketplace gurus found that present giving is more gender related than age group related. Females were found to become more frequent and wider within their propensity for giving gifts than men. Translated this means that women would be more likely to send birthday presents to India while men would be more likely to provide gifts for romantic purposes than for just about any other reasons. Valentines Day saw a huge increase in virtual gift giving by guys. In fact 80% of on-line gifting transactions are performed by females and only 20% by males. Since womens virtual gifting is not always romantically inclined, 40% of womens virtual gifting for women to women while only one fourth of the 20% men had sent gifts from males to men.

A universal appeal:

Given the simple the transaction, many seniors are able to send and receive gifts through virtual gift platforms. A recently printed article in the Boston World profiled the majority of the gift givers as between the ages of 20 and 32, but this is more a reflection of Face Book statistics than the real figures.