The Tooth Fairy Tale Of Different Countries.

Tooth Fairy Legends From All over the world

The tooth fairy legend is definitely widely within western countries along with in Asia. It is one of the most popular folk myths, when a fairy is thought to leave a gift for a kid who has dropped a tooth. To obtain the gift, the kado ulang tahun untuk sahabat wanita typically places the tooth below a pillow if they go to sleep during the night. The myth is practiced in many countries just like the US, Germany, South Africa, Canada, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

In Asian countries like Korea and Vietnam, children dont believe in the tooth fairy, however they do practice a ritual where they throw their teeth on the top or place it beneath the floor. In many elements of India, the tradition is to own lost tooth to the sun by wrapping it in a little cotton rag.

The tooth fairy tradition is also found in Latin cultures, although the fairy is usually a mouse. In countries where spanish is usually spoken, the tooth fairy is known as Ratoncito Perez, a just a little mouse. The character of Ratoncito Prez was created by the Priest Luis Coloma around 1894. A tale with the character appeared in the tale of Vain Little Mouse. In Italy, the tooth mouse is named Topino, whereas in France, the character is called La Petite Souris.

The tooth fairy in addition has been in western culture by TV and movies. In the 1997 movie called Toothless, for example, Kirstie Alley played the function of a dentist who unwillingly became the tooth fairy. The favorite Santa Clause films starring Tim Allen also have presented a male tooth fairy, and a 2006 movie called Becoming the Tooth Fairy starred Helen Slayton-Hughes as a woman who started visiting elderly people who lost teeth because she was upset the tooth fairy just visited young children.