I Am Shallow Fund Announces Launch Offering a Crowd Funding Platform to Raise Funds for Shallow Wants

Traditional crowd funding sites are set up to help people or businesses in need.  The recently launched I Am Shallow Fund takes the opposite approach – helping users fund their most shallow desires, from jewelry, to cosmetic surgery, free designer fashion and nearly anything else imaginable.  Users couldn't be more excited.


August 15, 2015


Getting help when in need is certainly a wonderful thing, but what about help for more materialist, shallow desires?  Thanks to the creative thinking of the minds behind the innovative new crowd funding site, I Am Shallow Fund, that's very much possible.  The new site allows “takers” to set up campaigns to fund their heart's desires from cosmetic surgery, to brand new cars, free designer fashion, expensive vacations – all with the shallowest intentions.


“This is a different approach to a crowd funding site,”  commented a spokesperson from the company.  “Our users aren't needy, they just want to enjoy some of the finer things in life – and looking for people to help them make it happen.  It's a ton of fun and a win/win all around.”

According to the company, setting up a campaign or contributing to one is very simple.  The site encourages users to keep things quirky and fun, and expects it to become very popular with both the “takers” who set up and ask for funds and the “givers” who get satisfaction out of helping these shallow dreams come to life.


Early feedback from users has been very positive.


Elaine C., from Washington, recently said, “My friend had a great experience on 'I Am a Shallow Fund' and convinced me to take a shot at it too.  I'm setting up my campaign now to help me get the money together for my very shallow, breast enlargement procedure.  What guy wouldn't want to donate to that?  Maybe even see the before and after pictures. Five stars and fully recommended.”


For more information on the unique new crowd funding site be sure to visit http://iamshallowfund.com.


Larry Sam is the senior admin of www.iamshallowfund.com . The site management and designer fashion offerings are always top priority.