Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything

Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything

India is still in an early stage in terms of high technology start-ups when compared to places like Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. We are still trying to put the pieces together and the Eco-system is evolving slowly but this creates particular challenges for entrepreneur.

Typical investors in India are looking for quick returns of the type they usually find in property and the stock market. Although there is an argument to say you shouldn’t invest in something you don't understand – One of the leading Brokering Firm, that doesn’t seem to stop people investing in the stock market?

I have been involved in a range of start-ups as Business head of Stratinsol ( Managed service It/IT es setup for startup) , some with solid entrepreneur skill , others with done with scratch from a business idea, others leave job from an established company or even listed company.

Looking back at these ventures, there doesn’t seem to be a set formula for a successful start-up. However, in terms of the people that succeed, it is those who don't give up, who are passionate for their ideas, and also who know how to find and manage all sorts of resources. This could be human resources, financial support or partners that will stick around long enough so that the company may turn many corners and finally see success down the road.

Entrepreneurs can benefit tremendously by learning from other people experience successes and failures. Entrepreneur need good consultancy and support to focus on core activity till mature phase. (Entrepreneurs are not necessary always the right managers for the company in a stable, sizable stage. It really depends on the personality of the entrepreneur; some people like to see their companies to continue to grow while others enjoy running a company at start-up stage.)

Investor are searching for opportunity at right place. The challenges faced by Entrepreneurs to convinced investors are Capital Investment,heavy recurring cost, social environment, ROI,non reliability, Immature IT solutions and mature expensive resource market. Investor founds comfortable to invest in stock market and property due misleading by financial advisor from broking industry.

About Stratinsol

STRATINSOL, an acronym for Strategic Infrastructure Solutions, is the brainchild of a reality developer, software wizards and, management graduates from premier B schools in India.

STRATINSOL have come up with a value offering which helps you to focus towards your core competence while we manage your infrastructure, IT solutions ; support, Facility Management,Opex model, recruitment and many other allied services for start-ups. STRATINSOL was founded in year 2009 with facility of 200 workstations in Vashi, since then it has not looked behind, it has now added another 750 workstations in three new locations in CBD Belapur, MBP Mahape and Koperkhairane (MIDC) respectively. STRATINSOL has served more than 40 IT/ITes start up companies.