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In the presence of fluoride ions, TiO2-HMSs can be fabricated within 10–24 h, which was much faster than those prepared by traditional Ostwald repening (usually several days) [23] and [27].
Considering that Ti(IV) shows a strong affinity to H2O2 by forming complex, thus the presence of H2O2 should facilitate the formation of TiO2-HMSs [28]. In this γ-Secretase inhibitor IX paper, preparation of chain-like TiO2-HMSs by FIST in the presence of H2O2 was studied. It was found that the time needed for the fabrication of TiO2-HMSs was further reduced to 2 h. To the best of our knowledge, this is the shortest time reported in fabrication of TiO2-HMSs by hydrothermal reaction. A possible formation mechanism for the rapid fabrication of TiO2-HMSs was also proposed.
2. Experimental
2.1. Sample preparation
Table 1.
Characterization results of the photocatalysts.SampleReaction conditionCharacterization resultsVH2O2VH2O2 (ml)at (h) bSBET (m2 g−1)PV (cm3 g−1)APS (nm)Crystalline size (nm)Relative crystallinitycS0-20225.60.0457.025.01S5-25232.60.0749.125.81.16S15-215235.10.0768.728.61.53S5-1051023.40.06911.927.61.42S5-2452420.30.06512.729.61.71aVolume of H2O2 added into the mixed solution before hydrothermal reaction.bTime for hydrothermal reaction at 200 °C.cThe relative intensity of the diffraction peak from the anatase (101) plane (sample S0-2 is campodactyly used as reference).Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV