The XRD patterns of the

The XRD patterns of the prepared TiO2 samples are shown in Fig. 1. It can be seen that, with increasing the amount of H2O2, the XRD peak intensities of anatase become steadily stronger and the width of XRD diffraction peaks of anatase becomes slightly narrower, indicating the enhancement of crystallization and formation of greater TiO2 crystallites [31] and [32]. This Kartogenin further confirmed by the quantitatively evaluated results shown in Table 1, where the relative crystallinity was estimated based on the relative intensity of the (101) diffraction peak and the average crystallite size was estimated based on the broadening of (101) diffraction peak using Scherrer?s equation. The result is in good agreement with the reports antibiotic resistance H2O2 enhanced the crystallization of anatase phase and promoted the growth of crystallite [27] and [28]. According to the report of Du et al., the hydrolyzed TiO2 clusters can connect with each other through ≡Ti···O–O···Ti≡ bridge in the presence of H2O2[33]. Such bounding should facilitate the growth and crystallization of TiO2 particles. The crystallization of TiO2 was also found to increase with prolongation of the hydrothermal reaction time.