• Low price rubber mixer machine

•	Low price rubber mixer machine

1 Hard Tooth Speed Reducer 2 Chilled cast iron roller 3 Roller bearing 4 Lower noise High efficiency 5 CE certificate


1) The mixer is mainly applicable for both natural and synthetic rubber processing: thermal mixing of batches and finish squashing

2) Also it can be used for plastic industry and pigment industry as subsidiary application (PVC)

[About company]

Shanghai double elephants rubber and plastic machinery co., LTD., founded in 1994, jiangsu double elephant group holding company. Company specializing in the production and distribution group of companies affiliated factory production of rubber and plastic machinery and plastic two categories of products.
    Rubber and plastic machinery products a total of four series of more than one hundred specifications varieties, are: mixer, mixing mill, film cooling machine and other general equipment; Have gel breaking machine, refining machine, extrusion machine, rolling machine and auxiliary machinery, special molding equipment; Plate vulcanizing machine, drum vulcanizer and microwave vulcanizing machine, vulcanizing equipment; There are rubber, plastic recycling, tires refurbished, PVC plastic film, artificial leather and other complete sets of production line equipment, especially the new development of the "waste tyre under normal temperature for making fine rubber powder production line", solve the problem of waste tyre recycling, contribute to environmental causes. In addition, the company also can according to user requirements design and manufacture non-standard