Interaction energy study According to the energy decomposition

4. Conclusions
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Liquid crystal; GAMESS; MEP; HOMO; LUMO; Intermolecular interactions
1. Introduction
Depending on the mobility of the individual atoms or molecules, materials in nature can be divided into different phases, also called states of matter. The obvious states of Benzoquinonium are the solid, the liquid and the gaseous state. Apart from these three familiar states, there exist a large number of other intermediate phases. An important intermediate phase is formed by liquid crystals, which exhibit features from both the solid and liquid states. Liquid crystals have the ordering properties of solids but asthma flow like liquids. Although liquid crystalline materials were observed for over a century in 1888 but were recognized as such in 1980's. At present, liquid crystals have emerged as beautiful, mysterious and soft condensed materials; which have attracted progressively increased attention of scientists from almost all the disciplines because of their widespread use in the development of technology, industry and biomedical applications [1], [2], [3] and [4].