2MBI400N-060 Fuji Electric IGBT Power Module

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2MBI400N-060 is a perfect IGBT module to boost the performance of your demanding industrial machines. With a weight of only 3.53 lbs., this device can generate a collector emitter voltage of 600V and 400A of collector current. But that’s only a glimpse of its power.


Manufactured by Fuji, 2MBI400N-060 has amazing features you could never spot on those typical models. It has the complete package necessary upgrade your industrial applications. Some of its unique features include:


·         Vce(sat) classified for easy parallel operation

·         High speed switching, and…

·         Low inductance module structure


2MBI400N-060 can fully function regardless of the thermal condition; even an environment as high as 150 oC. Its efficiency rate is further improved with its less total power dissipation, modified FWD characteristics, lessened internal stray inductance and low saturation voltage!


Indeed, 2MBI400N-060 has everything to give your industrial machines the boost they need.