The biosynthesis of nanoparticles as an emerging

The XRD pattern recorded for silver nanoparticles shows four intense peaks in the whole spectrum of 2θ values ranging from 20 to 80. Fig. 2 shows that the XRD patterns obtained for the silver nanoparticles synthesized this Myristoylcarnitine method. The presence of intense peaks of nanoparticles (1 1 1), (2 0 0), (2 2 0) and (3 1 1) appeared which are indexed as crystalline silver face centered cubic phase. An average diameter of as-synthesized silver nanoparticle was calculated from the broadness peak of (2θ = 38) by using Scherrer equation D = Kλ/βcos θ, and ecotype is about 9.0 nm.
Fig. 2. XRD patterns of silver nanoparticles synthesized by treating Calendula officinalis with silver nitrate aqueous solution.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
TEM images indicate that they are relatively uniform in diameter and spherical in shape (Fig. 3A). The histogram shows that the particles have a single size distribution with an average diameter of about 7.5 nm that confirms obtained data from XRD investigation (Fig. 3B).