Docs Matter Helps You Improve Data Entry Efficiency

Are you still in trouble with improving your typing speed? Have you been tired of typing everyday? Docs Matter can help you improve your working efficiency without the need of retyping documents.

Sometimes, your manager may give you some documents and let you enter them into computer. When anything like that happens to you during working, you have no choice but to retype them. With OCR SDK, you could easily convert paper documents into electronic ones without retyping them manually. 

You could download and install Docs Matter into your mobile from Google Play. When there is some important documents that need to be retyped, you could capture documents with mobile camera's device. Then Docs Matter will automatically retrieve texts from them with its build-in optical character recognition engine. You could edit the recognition results and save them. In addition, quickly search for documents you need by entering few keywords. 

What's more, Docs Matter can also export texts to PDF, Word and TXT. You can share recognition results with your friends through E-mail, Bluetooth and so on. Besides, synchronizing them to the Cloud will help you easily access your documents and share them with others from anywhere. 

In order to improve the accuracy rate of character recognition results, you have to keep the document flatten, and avoid reflections and shadows appearing on it. You should also keep your hands steady during the capture to avoid blurry images. The accuracy rate of recognition of Docs Matter may not reach 100%, so users need to correct the uncertain recognition results manually with suggested characters. The average time for recognition of a document is less than 6 seconds, which is faster than retyping it.

With Docs Matter, you will never worry about managing lots of paper documents at work. You just need to take pictures of the documents, it will easily convert them into electronic ones for you. It is no doubt a helpful assistant to your work and help you improve your working efficiency by not loosing time typing manually.