S&A small chiller for board heat exchanger of Yag Laser

The customer have an Nd Yag Laser with an on board heat exchanger which need a chiller for.
The unit is a unitek miyachi LW52 with capability:
50J @ 10ms
0.3 to 20.0ms pulse
1 to 50 pulse per second
The heat exchanger in the welder has the following requirement:
8L/min flow
1 to 3 kg/cm^2 pressure
<77 F water supply
tubes measure 3/8" ID
According to above requirement, we recommend small chiller CW-5200 which has 1.4KW cooling capacity with compact size to save space.
CW-5200 details: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW52001400Wco.html

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