LED lamps environmental requirements

With the LED lighting market matures, the style of the lamp is more and gorgeous. As the saying goes that a coin has two sides. On the one hand, we could buy various lights from LED panel manufacture in China. On the other hand, we should pay attention to the environmental requirements.


Lamps can not be ignored in the purchase of environmental performance. On the one hand the color temperature of the light itself has a psychological role in environmental protection; appropriate color temperature can make people feel happy. On the other hand, when the lamp from kingsonlight round LED panel suppliers is energized, regardless of whether the heat emitted, it is also a magnetic field, or if the lamp shade is not wrapped in natural materials, it will certainly be contaminated. Currently being gradually ban incandescent, LED lamps because of their own, no heat, relatively more environmentally friendly, but also when to buy more to look at other parts of the material.


Whether you go to which kind of market like square LED panel wholesale or other LED light market for the purchase, you should pay attention to the environmental requirements.