Why, oh why, do kids cut their own hair!?!?

Wednesday evening we were sitting in Cicis Pizza chowing down. I was staring intently at my seven-year-old daughter, Haley, wondering what was different about her. Something was and I couldnt quite put my finger on it. Suddenly it hit me, besides the fact that her hair things were in different spots than she normally puts them, there was also very short hair sticking out from them. She had cut her ownhair (again, I might add!)!

I asked her about it, and you could tell by the way she was acting that I had hit the nail right on the head, but she was not wanting to admit to it. She finally did, and we had the talk about not cutting your own hair for what feels like the umpteenth time to me (having had the talk with both kids multiple times now). When we got out to the car I looked at her hair and decided that I could probably cut her some bangs and basically fix the damage. After telling her this she seemed content and things were fine.

We got home later that night, between nine and nine-thirty. While we were driving up our driveway I told the kids to go in, put on pjs,brush their teeth, and their daddy and I would put them to bed after the usual bedtime books. That night it was my turn hair transplant to read to our five-year-old son Parker and my husbands turn to read to Haley (we alternate nights). After reading to Parker, tucking him in, and turning off the light I went in to give Haley a kiss and tell her night. Again something about her was different, but this time it hit me instantly. She had cut her hair again, this time cutting her own (very crooked and strange) bangs!!

I let her stalk around all day Thursday in her new do and then sat her down this morning and did whatI could to fix her hair mishap. I pulled more hair to the front and made thicker bangs, thus covering up the really short pieces she had butchered (some are maybe an inch long, if that). If youre not standing too close or not looking too closely at her bangs you cant really tell its all messed up underneath the longer stuff. What I couldnt fix was some one- to two-inch pieces she had cut around the crown of her head. Why she cut those I have no idea. Heres to hoping her hair grows quickly!

Heres the new do I managed to create.(She looks like my Grandma!!)

Heres what she looked like days ago before she decided to take hair matters into her own hands.

She looks totally different!!