D-Box Mfx Motion Seats Give Advantage To Theaters Versus Online

For the average viewer, movies have become more and more available since the year 2000. Companies such as Netflix and Amazon have redefined the ways we watch films. It is common to hear this shift derided, but it is hard to see how it could have happened any other way. Consumers had been providing the demand for online films, and then the technology to deliver it caught up. Social life leapt onto the Internet and it has been followed by the entertainment industry.

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It is hard to say that this has been 100% negative or 100% positive; but we have seen at least a few negative consequences. Movie theatres are no longer revered in the same way. Those without concern for the artistry of a film can catch a flick almost anywhere--a laptop or a smartphone for instance. However, even those who are picky about how they watch films can stay at home and have a relatively immersive experience. Digital projectors had been prohibitively expensive until recently, but now they are within reach for most consumers.

In the early days of cinema, movie houses were the only game in town. Towns all across America were building movie houses and so to keep ahead of the game, investors began adding more screens in one movie house or setting up drive-ins. Then there was video. And so the dominant position of movie theaters was diluted and movies became more accessible. Movie theaters across the country looked for ways to take movies back and make them special again. This led to giant speaker systems and exceptionally comfortable theater seats.

Theaters are dealing with the current shift toward home viewing in similar ways. New technologies are making going out to a theater a once in a lifetime experience. Sound systems and seats have gotten even crazier. Dolby Atmos has made movie sound frighteningly realistic (in a good way). And a company known as D-box has created a system called D-box motion seats has developed a state-of-the-art seat system that syncs up with specific motion-enhanced films.

In the years after streaming services came about, many have derided the fact as the end of cinema. But if you look at the history of the form, you'll see that it has always been this way. Going to an actual theater to see a movie has lost its charm more than once in the past. But theater owners have never failed to fight back and make movie-going magical all over again. There are definitely several great local movie theaters right in your area, like O'neil Cinemas Theaters Portsmouth, NH