The Technical Data Center: Your Own Little World

Want to know the brain of a company? It's the IT data center. After all, there’s a reason why it also goes by “the control room”---it often serves as the central function for an organization. More than ever, data centers are vital to businesses, what with growing demand for information and the exchange of electronic data. Yet, have you ever thought about what it might be like to be employed in one?

Cloud storage is popular with a lot of organizations, and someone has to upgrade hardware and software: Enter data centers. But data centers aren’t your typical desk job. Command center furniture is one thing that sets data centers apart from other offices, along with a very unique aura. Check out a glimpse of what it's like to be employed for a data center.

You'll never forget the noise, first thing. Data centers are typically controlled by governments and large agencies, so be prepared for a lot of electric activity going on, with the sounds of house servers, storage devices, and cable connections. It's like the hum of a generator. But since you're focused on your job, it will probably become like elevator music to you.

There's a bit of noise, but there's also some isolation. Are you kind of a "solo artist" when it comes to work? Data centers are where loners thrive. Even though they may seem huge, especially with the rows of command center furniture, most data centers are relatively tiny, with only 10 people working at once. During the night, probably fewer than 10. And because you'll have to upgrade hardware and run copper connections for internal management networks during downtimes, you'll probably have to work holidays (sorry).

Pro: You get to work in a mild office, temperature-wise. With so much equipment and support riding on a data center (like the cloud and e-commerce transactions, for example), the temperature has to be even-keeled. Machinery could falter from being overheated, so that's why it's crucial for an office to maintain a core temp. So by working in a data center, you probably won’t have to worry about feeling too warm on a hot summer day. You’re paid to work in a perfect climate.

In data centers, you may be in the most secure office ever. Located in weird sections of buildings, data centers are often created to combat catastrophe. Most employees might not even know if something went wrong outside of the building. Thus, when you're working in "the office," you're in the safest possible area of the edifice.

Serving a variety of purposes, from managing utilities to directing a telecast, data centers or control rooms are vital to many industries. Due to the lack of access to the outside world, you may feel like you're working in secret passageway. You belong to a restricted club, though. Few people can get in---except you. Data center workers are like Batman in the Data-cave.