Someone, one day told me: "if you broke up with a person, why getting back together?, the reason you left, will be waiting for you when you come back".. well thats actually true.. I was with this guy, about 5 or 6 years ago, i was breaking up with this guy.. and before we talked about it and finish, i told him: before you say anything, i need you to know this, if we break up, we're not coming back, he asked: why.. and all i had left to say was: how can i be in love with someone who doesnt love me back? how can i lose my time with someone who told me that while we're having sex he felt NOTHING for me.. so, i learned this the hard way, how to get away of the hard part, all i had left to do was talk to my dad, and i told him everything, that was my insurence that i cant be back to him, if i got back to be with him, i couldnt go out.. thats what my daddy said.. so, if i dont wanna stay in my house i couldnt come back to him.. but we actually never listen, and i actually got back to him..