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Configuring your computer system to utilize WampServer, the Windows web development environment is the last task to perform. Once the WampServer is configured, creating web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database will be feasible.

Testing Apache web server

Ginny Putscher

Apache2, a web server allows you to test and display web pages on your computer system without exposing them live on the internet. PHP is a very specialized programming language designed to enhance web pages. The MySQL database completes the web development environment and is well suited to work with PHP. MySQL allows you to create a data structure and store information that is then retrieved by a program written with the PHP language.

PhpMyAdmin is an excellent visual front end tool that enables you to build and view your database on your web server.

The information outlined below to configure the WampServer are based on a Windows 7 operating system with 64 bits.

The www directory will be automatically created (usually c:wampwww - based on this configuration c:wampserverwww.) The subdirectory will also house your PHP files.

Click on the localhost link in the WampSever menu or open your internet browser and go to the URL : http://localhost/ or to test your web server.

The WampServer icon is displayed on the Windows 7 taskbar, if it is not you can activate by the performing the following steps:

Select and click "Start."Select and click "All Programs."Select and click "WampServer."Select and click "start Wampserver."Select "Yes" on the user account control message that is displayed.

If the WampServer is on the taskbar but it is offline follow the steps below:

Left click the "WampServers icon."Select and click "Put online/offline."

With the WampServer taskbar menu, you can also

manage your Apache and MySQL servicesinstall and switch Apache, MySQL and PHP releasesmanage your servers settingsaccess your logsaccess your settings filescreate alias

With a right click on the WampServer icon, you can

change WampServers menu languageaccess the website page