How EOS Handles Dungeons in a very Healer-Less Video game

Online games currently are already aiming to crack the “healer, tank, DPS” cycle, with various amounts of good results. One example is, Guild Wars 2 technically does have healers, even though there is not anything that is definitely setup only for that role. EOS could be the most current recreation to join this idea of a healer-less recreation, but it’s quite a bit various than the usual great deal of players may assume. After dealing with the main team dungeon, factors begin to turn into a large amount much more crystal clear, and you begin to get a greater knowledge the strengths and weaknesses of this participate in style.

Normal method to get eos gold is farm in game. According to my personal experience, the drop rate very low now. Dungeon bosses dropping rare much better but hard to kill. you need good equipments if you want do it by yourself. sometimes you need a team to do that. farming is harder and harder now. just buy eos gold from and all good items you have.

EOS has dungeon queuing for each usual dungeons and raids alike. The setups vary involving the 2 as follows:


• Dungeon: 1x Tank, 4x DPS


• Raid: 3x Tanks, 17x DPS


What you are going to detect listed here is always that it’s just tanks and DPS - you'll find no healers. As well as basis for this is often that technically, every person is actually a healer. But how does this get the job done? By way of using consumables.


Consumables for Healing


There are actually a few distinct consumables that do the job for therapeutic: bandages (for therapeutic away from combat), potions (for self-healing while in beat) and scrolls (for therapeutic your self or some others in overcome). From the case of dungeons, the 2 most applied would be the potions plus the scrolls. Therefore the standard strategy operates similar to this:


• Tank pulls a mob


• Tank utilizes potions to help keep their HP up


• Other players use scrolls to help heal tank as needed, likewise as other folks during the group/raid


Primarily, what this setup of consumables does is allow for all gamers to the two recover them selves and heal other people. In essence, absolutely everyone is able to support heal the tank.