Most effective Tibia Searching Areas

Ankrahmun Tombs

Amongst ranges fifteen and thirty you may hunt during the initially 2 flooring therefore you can hunt alot of different monsters to not get bored, and it is even better for characters of upper stages due to the fact you'll be able to go even deeper down some floors while in the Tombs and combat stronger creatures for superior loot and xp! The xp/hr is very very good while in the Ankrahmun Tombs, however, if you dont get any very good loot you might waste a bit! as a top game products store, we can meet you with cheap wildstar gold. we offer cheapest wildstar gold with 15 minutes delivery.



Darashia Dragons

Involving concentrations 40 and 50 you may get alot of great xp when you are there alone, the main floor is full of dragons. In the event you go down two or 3 floors you'll find alot of dragon lords and also you can achieve even more xp! Just be careful, they are risky monsters. Convey a lot of potions and food stuff if you are planning to hunt in this article to get a when.



Undeads South west of Kazordoon

This cave might be full of bots and noobs but it surely could be a very excellent destination to hunt right until you're about degree sixty. Get hold of terrific xp/hr around the lessen stages.


Edron Hero Cave

During this location you can find a lot of various monsters; from minimal degree wild warriors, stalkers, dim apprentices, witches and hunters to better degree necromancers, dragons, banshees, large spiders, warlocks grim reapers, demons and of course heros! There are superior areas for degrees involving forty and sixty. And lots of unique stuff for that greater degree gamers. There are a few very good quests to get completed in this article also! Be careful though, you may perhaps appear across a little something genuinely hazardous.



Nomad Cave

Yow will discover the Nomad Cave just northwest of Ankrahmun and you will need to complete a quest to generally be in a position to go there. Xp clever this place is okay, it can be typically empty. It is really absolutely a fantastic hunting place for people between levels twenty to thirty. Look at this position out if you do not locate some other place to hunt!




You will discover Cyclopolis north of Edron. To the decreased amount characters you can find monsters like minotaurs, dwarf guards, elfs, orcs but of course mostly CYCLOPS. When you go definitely deep down yow will discover some dragons too. Do not go far too much though, there are some behemoths in the quite base. Excellent spot for druids to hunt while in the decrease degrees, working with earth problems which is pretty successful from cyclops of various form. Fantastic xp/hr, 1 downside is that it'd be some players there previously, it is very well-known!