Application of Polyvinyl acetate

Polyvinyl acetate is referred to as PVAc. Polyvinyl acetate is an amorphous polymer, colorless or light yellow transparent sticky liquid glass-like particles, odorless, tasteless, toughness and ductility. Its softening point is at about 38 degrees. Polyvinyl acetate was not fat and water soluble, ethanol, acetic acid, acetone, and ethyl acetate soluble.
Polyvinyl acetate is flammable and combustion (decomposition) products such as carbon monoxide, reacts with nitrate, nitric acid and sulfuric acid. It can be concentrated alkali and acid decomposition from free radical initiator of vinyl acetate. Polyvinyl acetate pyrolysis release stimulated smoke. Polyvinyl acetate is heated to more than 250 , it will break down the acetic acid.
1, Polyvinyl acetate is used as a gum Binder, China provided can be used for gum and emulsified flavor, with a maximum amount of 60g/kg;
2, Polyvinyl acetate is also used to manufacture toys and non-woven cloth;
3, Polyvinyl acetate can be used as polyvinyl chloride, vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer material, also used for the preparation of coatings and adhesives;
4, Polyvinyl acetate is used primarily in coatings, adhesives, paper, chewing gum base material, and textile finishing agents, can also be used as raw material for polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl acetal;

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