Historic flooding, a gravity wave, and record heat - Grand Rapids Weather

Historic flooding, a gravity wave, and record heat top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From http://spnseestra.tumblr.com/post/125576709180/exactly-how-to-wrap-line-for-a-weed-eater-within-7 the National Weather Service archives here events that happened on June 12.

1976 - A severe thunderstorm produced a 62 mph wind gust at KI Sawyer Air Force Base in the mid-evening.

1984 - An F3 tornado hit Bay County at 6:20PM and caused $2,500,000 in damage. Two individuals were reported injured, but there were no deaths. This was the strongest tornado ever reported in Bay County.

1988 - A record high temperature of 89 was set at National Weather Service office in Marquette. This record was later tied in 2007.

1991 - The Mt. Pinatubo volcano in the Phillipines erupted. This caused the year without a summer the next year in 1992 across most of the U.S. Temperatures worldwide averaged 0.5C below normal, the greatest climate disruption from a volcano in the 20th century.

1992 - The high temperature at the Weather Forecast Office in Marquette was 88, the warmest temperature recorded for that year and shortly thereafter, the cold weather set in for the cold summer of 1992.

1996 - Extensive flash flooding in and around Mt. Pleasant was the result of 1.82 inches of rainfall in 30 minutes with storm totals exceeding 2 inches. At one point parking lots had water 12 inches deep, several fields and ditches were flooded, and some motor homes and campers were set afloat.

1998 - A tornado touched down in Bedford Township in northwest Calhoun County, doing minor damage to a few homes and shearing off trees like a large weed whacker.

2008 - A gravity wave was the probable cause of damaging wind in the Ironwood area early in the morning. Ironwood Public Safety reported numerous trees down across the Ironwood area. One large tree fell across two lanes of Highway US-2 between 0300 and 0330 CST. High winds flipped over a 60-foot boat dock, downed several trees and caused damage to a second dock, boat lift and canopy in the Indian Lake area near Manistique in the mid-evening. The Great Lakes Observation System site at Fairport measured wind gusts up to 59 mph at 2101 EST. A 66 mph wind gust was measured at the Great Lakes Observation System site at Port Inland at 2218 EST. Later in the day across Lower Michigan, historic flash flooding results from up to a foot of rain near Ludington and Manistee. The rain begins on June 12 and continues into June 13. More than 40 roads were washed out and some of them were not repaired for several months. The torrential rains are preceded by a severe thunderstorm that drops two tornadoes. The first tornado came ashore north of Ludington at the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area, downing hundreds of trees. A second tornado hit near Stronach in Manistee County. Click here for a radar loop of the storms. See the movie attached to this story for video of the Ludington flooding.